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Tax Savings and Green Statement: Arvia's solar film is a green, energy efficient product endorsed and utilized by the Department of Energy and recognized by the government. Since it insulates your home, and improves efficiency of windows and HVAC, the federal government gives a tax incentive that rewards your choice. In most cases you can deduct of the cost of residential window film up to $1,500! Please click here for more information about applying for a tax credit.

Arvia Glass Coatings is the only local company that exclusively uses Virginia made products! We have the smallest carbon footprint of any film company in the Tidewater area, because our business practices keep employment in the State and help the Virginia economy by using a Virginia manufacturer. Furthermore Vista and Llumar films are produced by the largest manufacturer of solar window film in the world, right here in Virginia, guaranteed expertise you can trust.

Arvia Glass Coatings does NOT tint cars or install spoilers and sunroofs, but specializes in Solar control film for beautiful, energy efficient homes, and large or small commercial properties.

On our web site you will find installations that we've done in Hampton Roads, installations we have been involved with in other cities in the United States, and all over the world. We do not just link to a manufacturer's website to show what they have done; we have actually completed these projects.

Around the world, our architectural window films are being installed on towering buildings and beautiful homes. Our films are keeping houses and businesses cooler, improving energy efficiency, and providing protection from vandalism and harmful ultraviolet rays. These high quality films are available in a variety of shades, colors and performance levels, so no matter what the need, we are sure to have the perfect film for any structure.

Vista Designer Films is our premier architectural window film line, offered to a select group of certified dealers throughout the United States and Canada. We are the exclusive dealer for Vista Designer residential films in this area.

Vista Raises Performance Standards

Exclusive technology, top-quality materials and strict standards are used to manufacture Vista designer films. Specifically designed to control the sun’s electromagnetic energy without being too dark or highly reflective, Vista films increase the comfort and protection of your home, while projecting style and elegance.

From the inside you’ll find that your windows look clearer with a crisply enhanced view. From the outside it looks as if your windows have just been washed. Vista film gives your home an elegant look that is hard to describe yet very evident.

Service is our top priority. To make selecting a film easier, we will assess your property and help you determine the product that best meets your needs. Together we can compare the visible light transmittance and ultraviolet and total solar energy rejection, and then help you decide which particular film fulfills your specific requirements. Vista delivers style, comfort, energy efficiency and protection – guaranteed!


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