Commercial Window Tinting Services Near Norfolk, VA

Our experience managing projects such as the Ernst & Young Headquarters in NYC, Stihl Chainsaw and Pembroke Office Park in Virginia Beach, and various office complexes and storefronts makes us a clear choice for energy savings, security needs, and a professional and aesthetically pleasing look for your building.

Window Film Improves Your Building!

  • Enhances the value and appearance of your building
  • Improves the comfort inside your building
  • Makes your building less expensive to heat and cool
  • Can improve the safety and security of your building
  • Reduces damage caused by fading

Improves Value and Appearance

  • Makes building more energy efficient
  • Gives building a more upscale, contemporary appearance
  • Gives windows a uniform look without the clutter of drapes and blinds
  • Makes building more attractive to tenants
  • Allows for more usable space in the building

Enhances Comfort

  • Stops much of the sun's heat from entering your building
  • Can reduce heat loss in cooler climates
  • Reduces temperature imbalances throughout your building
  • Controls the amount of bright sunlight entering the window
  • Can reduce the eyestrain and fatigue associated with glare
  • Reduces the number of tenant complaints regarding comfort

Reduces HVAC Operational Costs

  • Significantly reduces the amount of solar heat entering your building
  • Energy savings of up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of sunlit window film installed
  • Extends the life of HVAC system

Safety & Security Window Film Improves Safety

  • Shatter-resistant protection can significantly reduce personal injuries and liability due to flying glass
  • Added protection against wind, water, violent weather, explosions and accidents
  • Seals out most wind and water, even when glass is broken
  • Meets ANSI Z97 and CPSC glazing standards
  • Meets ANSI Z97, CFR 1201 and CPSC glazing standards
  • LLumar 8 mil safety film meets Factory mutual small missile requirements and United facilities and Underwriters Laboratories UL972 forced entry (burglary/break-in) requirements. Llumar 8 mil safety film also meets ASTM 1886/1996 large missile level C requirements along with subsequent air, water, structural and cyclic tests.

Reduces Damage Caused by Fading

  • Reduces over 99% of ultraviolet rays -- the main contributors to fading
  • Helps maintain the appearance of carpeting, woodwork and furnishings
  • Keeps the interior of your building looking newer longer

For more information on Llumar Safety and Security Film, to view impact-testing clips, call Arvia Glass Coatings @ 757-721-4307.



"A feasibility study recommended that Stihl have Hurricane protection film installed on all office and plant windows. Being very concerned about energy reduction we asked Arvia to come up with a recommendation for hurricane protection and energy savings combined. With the principal's vast experience Arvia provided one combined film that addressed both concerns! The work was done very professionally with little or no disruption to our employees.
We are very happy with the installation and would gladly recommend Arvia Glass Coating."

Bob Mills
Stihl Inc.
Manager of Facilities Maintenance

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