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Safety Window Films

Now more than ever, building safety is a top priority for home and business owners. Safety window film provides an excellent measure of protection against airborne broken glass and related injuries by helping to secure glass within the frame when bomb blasts, natural disasters, explosions or other incidents threaten building security.

Llumar Safety and Security® film is a strong, proven means of protection for buildings and tenants. With Llumar Safety and Security, our customers can have the exact degree of protection for their needs, since it is manufactured in thicknesses ranging between 4 to 14 mils (100 to 350 microns), and is available in both solar control and clear versions.

Hurricane-Resistant Llumar Safety and Security for Glass Windows and Doors

Safety Window Film Reduces Risk of Injury or Further Damage to Homes and Buildings

We understand the devastation that a hurricane or tropical storm can wreak on homes, office buildings and lives. To help mitigate some of the destructive effects of these storms and protect people from injury, we offer Llumar Safety and Security, a specialized film coating designed to help glass windows and doors withstand even hurricane-force winds.

Llumar Safety and Security is an optically clear, resilient barrier film that bonds to window and door glass. Its ultra-strong adhesive and durable composition help hold broken glass safely in place upon impact. The most common cause of damage during a hurricane is wind-borne objects that break glass and expose a structure's interior to the wind and rain of the storm. When professionally installed, Llumar Safety and Security can greatly reduce these types of losses. Llumar Safety and Security safety window film has been proven to improve the breakage resistance of windows and doors from both impact and the elements – keeping damaging debris, rain and wind out.

Window film can provide this invisible barrier of protection at a very affordable price. Moreover, in some states installations can qualify for an insurance rebate, depending on the location of the home or building.

LLumar 8 mil safety film meets Factory mutual small missile requirements. Llumar 8 mil safety film also meets ASTM 1886/1996 large missile level C requirements along with subsequent air, water, structural and cyclic tests.

Greater Protection

The ability of safety window film to hold broken glass in place can be greatly increased with the addition of an anchoring system that secures the film to the frame of the window during installation, using either metal battens or a caulking sealant.



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