Virginia Window Film Rebate and Energy Audit Program


Dominion Power and Honeywell Team Up with Arvia Glass Coatings to Offer Window Film Rebate and Energy Audit Program in Virginia

Virginia Window Film Rebate and Energy Audit Program

Arvia Glass Coatings has teamed up with Dominion Power and Honeywell as provider of a rebate system to help commercial customers save money. By explaining how the window film can significantly reduce the overall energy consumption of a commercial building, we are able to offer a three-tier (non-residential) rebate system! Continue reading below to find out how this program can help you save on your energy costs.

What is Dominion Power’s Non-Residential Window Film Program?
The Non-Residential Window Film program promotes the installation of window film to customers interested in lowering their cooling bills and improving tenant comfort. Customers can receive rebates for installing qualified solar reduction window film in non-residential facilities.

What are the benefits?
Installation of window film on your facility’s windows can significantly lower the solar radiation admitted through the windows, offering many benefits including:
• Lowering energy bills through improved HVAC efficiency
• Improving tenant comfort

What is the rebate amount that my customers will earn?
Qualifying non-residential customers will receive a rebate for installing window film, based on the improvement in Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).
Customers may authorize payment of the rebate to the contractor to offset their out-of-pocket expenses or receive a check from Dominion directly.

If you are a Property Owner or Manager this is good news.

 Here is how it works:
Arvia Glass Coatings comes to the potential project site to discuss the best window film to reduce your energy bills and other considerations.
Arvia will measure free of charge the windows being considered and calculate the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient reduction amount that would occur by installing the film.

We fill in the "Virginia Non-Residential Window Film Rebate Application" and send the form in to Dominion to be accepted. Dependent on the type of glass and film being considered the rebate (paid as a check) will be 45, 65 or 85 cents per square foot of window film installed. This part of the process is at no cost to you!!!

SHGC Improvement Incentive per Sq Ft
> .4 $0.85 .3 to .4 $0.65 .2 to < .3 $0.45
Once Dominion VA Power accepts your application you have up to 6 months to complete the project. In the meantime we can calculate how soon your investment will take to pay back with and without the rebate - Typically 1 - 3 years.

To speak with an Arvia Glass Coatings representative,
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 for a FREE energy audit!

How the Rebate Works:
After purchasing window film, Dominion Power commercial customers will be eligible to receive a one-time rebate that corresponds with efficiency of the film purchased. Check out the three-tier chart below based on the overall improvement of the performance of the glass after we apply the film to help you calculate your potential savings!

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Model –

Running the Numbers:
To show you how significant the savings can be, here is an example:
Arvia Glass Coatings installed approximately 10,000 sq ft of solar window film on a hospital building in Hampton Roads. The calculated energy savings were 20K which had a pay back on investment of just under 2 years. When adding the check from the Dominion window film rebate program the pay back or return on investment was 1.5 years.
There has never been a better time to lower the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient on your building.

Hidden Benefits:
Purchasing window solar control film will not only get you a rebate, but it will also save you money on energy consumption in the long run!
A lot of commercial buildings have inefficient glass. Most of us want to do additional energy saving measures, but just don’t know about the significant benefits of solar control film which has an SPF of 250+. Dominion Power’s rebate program offers significant overall savings that can benefit everyone. Get a free energy audit today!

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